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Tanglyhair McDuckface [userpic]
Fic: One, Two, Thr-Ouch!
by Tanglyhair McDuckface (xbitexmyxlipx)
at May 17th, 2006 (04:18 am)

I know how bad it looks to be late in your own ficathon. :p

Title: One, Two, Thr- Ouch!
Author: Charisma Brendon/Stocie
Summary: Xander isn’t like other people; he can’t stand pain. It hurts him.
Dedication: To Lez, but just because it’s her birthday.
Notes: Old-school BtVS fic. (Season two, maybe.) Written for liz_will_ow/pal_athon

( Sharks, cartoons, bandages - Xander's life isn't all fun and games. )

Weasy [userpic]
by Weasy (heck_weasy)
at April 5th, 2006 (09:05 am)

Quiet is a State of Mind

By Weasy

Fandom: Serenity/Firefly

Pairings: Canon I/M and S/K

Timeline: Post Serenity.

This is a pal_athon (Points and Laughs) fic entry for the great izzyntsherandom, Happy April Fools dude. I apologise deeply for the delay, RL sucks. Hopefully this is a least vaguely passably funny. This was fifteen billion times harder to do than I thought it would be. I have no wit, clearly.

Many thanks to abbagura for her first, and I think, very good beta job. Love you!

It was the Alliance, or a weird space beast come to get them. It was not Mal’s fault.Collapse )

Nicole [userpic]
Fic: Checking Out (Logan/Veronica, Spike/Xander) PG-13
by Nicole (blue_icy_rose)
at April 2nd, 2006 (12:17 am)

Title: Checking Out
Author: blue_icy_rose
Rating: PG-13 for innuendo
Word Count: 1,652
Character/Pairing: Logan/Veronica, Spike/Xander
Spoilers/Warnings: None for either show. Takes place in an AU season 6 (I know! I can't stay away from it!) and when Logan and Veronica are older. As in 21 at the least.
Summary: Spike thinks Logan is checking Xander out and decides that it's the perfect time to tell Logan to get his own boyfriend.
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, none of them belong to me. The Veronica Mars characters belong to Rob Thomas and the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters belong to Joss Whedon.
Author's Note: I'm cutting it so close right now. As a matter of fact, by the time I finish typing this little note, it'll probably be midnight. But anyway, this was written for irmak for pal_athon, who mentioned that jealousy would be fun to see and also thought that Logan, Xander, and Spike would be love. (And since she also mentioned slash in a funny way would be okay, I couldn't resist.) Hope it makes you laugh at least a little, hon! Enjoy!

Also posted at bloodclaim and veronicamarsfic.

Checking Out

◦ a girl like me ◦ [userpic]
Laughter Does A Vampire Good (Buffyverse)
by ◦ a girl like me ◦ (afteriwake)
at April 1st, 2006 (02:45 pm)

Title: Laughter Does A Vampire Good
Author: Ragna
Rating: G
Classification: Angel/Cordelia interaction
Spoilers: Set not that long after AI moves into the Hyperion (so not long after "Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been?").
Disclaimer: If you don't recognize it, chances are it's my own creation. If you do, I don't own it. Joss Whedon, Kazui Sandollar, The WB, UPN, et. al. most likely do.
Author's Notes: For my first entry at spring_of_cordy, and for bellatemple for pal_athon. And I'm more or less going for "unexpected physical comedy" for this.

Laughter Does A Vampire Good

Tanglyhair McDuckface [userpic]
by Tanglyhair McDuckface (xbitexmyxlipx)
at April 1st, 2006 (09:05 am)

Takin' a moment before I finish getting ready for work to remind y'all that fics are due today for pal_athon today. If you need an extension (maybe next Saturday?) E-Mail us at pal.athon@gmail.com.

Remember to post your fic/a link to your fic to the pal_athon group.

Happy Merry April Fool's Day...

Colleen [userpic]
Story link
by Colleen (redeem147)
at March 31st, 2006 (09:16 am)

Posting today because I'm away for the weekend. This is some New Doctor Who for heck_weasy, with light spoilers for The Christmas Invasion.

Suspicious Minds

Irmak [userpic]
WIP: You Can Leave Your Hat On [1/?] (PG-13) Logan, cast of BtVS
by Irmak (irmak)
at March 18th, 2006 (08:41 pm)
Mood: accomplished

Title: You Can Leave Your Hat On
Author: irmak
Characters: Logan and the Scoobies
Word Count: 2490
Spoilers: Oh, the timeline... Well, it takes place in Season 3 of BtVS and Season 2 of VM. But since it's kind of a crack fic, so it instantly goes AU.
Summary: Neptune has visitors and this is how Logan says welcome, um, bitch. Italics are thoughts.
Notes: A crossover fic written for xbitexmyxlipx for pal_athon. She deserves cookies just because she got my back. Many many thanks to insunshine and blue_icy_rose, because they actually showed interest and beta-ed. They win at life. Also, if I could, I would make sure they got some naked Logan. The title is indeed that Joe Cocker song.

Just as Cordelia opened her mouth, someone with a funny, funny face attacked Buffy and if Logan were a lunatic, he would have thought ‘vampire’, but thank God he was quite fine.

X-posted to fic_from_mars, veronicamarsfic and crossoverfic. Comments are candy. Oh, and do I get a shiny banner for posting the first fic or what?

Tanglyhair McDuckface [userpic]
Sending assignments out today...
by Tanglyhair McDuckface (xbitexmyxlipx)
at February 15th, 2006 (01:51 pm)

I kept posting this to my personal LJ by accident. Third time's a charm!

Hey guys, I hope you all got what you needed (love, bitterness, undying hatred of corporate sponsors, annoyance at your family for setting you up with that weird guy/girl who lives next door again) out of yesterday.

I'm relying on the pull of checking LJ friendlists constantly to let you know that I'm going to match people up later today. I'll be E-Mailing you the nice little request form of the person you'll be writing for. This is important: The ficathon address is PAL.athon@gmail.com - spam filters might send it to your junk folder, so if you signed up and don't hear from us, be sure to check that. If you still don't get an E-Mail, send one to that address and we'll fix that. :)

This is actually pretty standard/important stuff to remember.Collapse )

I think that's all. Fics are due on April 1st, but can be posted before. Ah, and if for some reason real life steps in to delay that, let us know; we're actually very understanding people.

Ooh, and should humor not be your strongest suit, don't worry. Comedy can be a harsh mistress.

Tanglyhair McDuckface [userpic]
Sign-ups so far...
by Tanglyhair McDuckface (xbitexmyxlipx)
at February 2nd, 2006 (05:52 pm)

Mood: giddy

In twelve days, sign-ups will be over. Probably. Whatever, if someone wants to write for the ficathon after sign-ups, we'll just do a little rearranging and all will be fine. I posted this to my LJ last night...then did it again. D'oh.

Participants and requests:Collapse )

So far, so good! These people have talent. ;)

Tanglyhair McDuckface [userpic]
Sign up here!
by Tanglyhair McDuckface (xbitexmyxlipx)
at January 25th, 2006 (09:20 am)

Mood: bouncy

Hello, everybody!
To sign up for this ficathon, leave a comment here.
Sign-up begins now (January 25th) and ends February 14th (Might change). Fics are due April 1st. On February 15th, Lez and I will go through and match challenges to writers, then E-Mail you the request. It'll be fun! And easy! Sort of.

LJ name:[If you don't have a LJ,...dude, just get one! It's free.]
Pen name:
Three things that make you laugh:
Three things that make you say "Ugh":
Anything you absolutely will not write?

Feel free to ask any questions you have.
Oh, and pimping this? Is totally fine. :p

Banners:Collapse )

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