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Pointing and laughing

It's what we do.

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Are you tired of reading the same old fic? Do you ever find yourself thinking, "Hey, we need more funny fic in this fandom!"? Are you a fan of alliteration? Do you love to point, laugh and mock? Well, welcome to the second round of the Points-and-Laughs-athon!

This ficathon is run by two girls who happen to be addicted to the funny. We love the funny! We can't get enough of the funny!

La vraie humeur ne sacrifie pas les caractères.


LJ name:[If you don't have a LJ, you can either make one for free, or sign up anonymously and we'll make an account for you to use.]

Pen name:



Three things that make you laugh:

Three things that make you say "Ugh":

Anything you absolutely will not write?


1. Join the community. - We can't stress how important it is for you to actually join instead of just friend.

2. This round, the ficathon is open to any fandom. (It would help us/you out tremendously if you'd do some pimping if you see you're in a fandom that isn't represented here.)

3. As the marquee says: Real humor doesn't sacrifice the characters. This means that your fic shouldn't destroy a character's dignity for the sake of "comedy." Okay, so if it's funny and well-written (and requested), we'll allow it.

4. Silly fics are only allowed if they're taken seriously. (As in, if you write a fic about haunted cheese that would be unbearably silly normally, but all the characters treat the situation like it's the bubonic plague...)

5. No PWPs. Unless it's a funny PWP/bad!sex.

6. Fics can have any pairing/rating.

7. Fics can focus on any character.

8. Get a beta for this. If you need a beta, contact us and we'll do our best.

9. Minimum of 750 words.